Our Programs

Elementary years (6 yrs – 12 yrs)

We encourage children to work at their own pace in a non-competitive atmosphere, to gain an understanding of themselves and develop a sensitivity to others. Children may work alone or in groups, all in an atmosphere of courtesy and respect.

The curriculum for the elementary aged child is dubbed as ‘cosmic education’. Cosmic education exposes the child to interrelated topics in all subject areas, by which they are able to discover that  all things are related.

The spiral curriculum of the Montessori classroom exposes students to topics repeatedly over time. With each repetition, children build on their knowledge, delving deeper into the details
and seeing the connections more clearly. This connection between topics and the constructing of meaning by the child leads to a deep understanding of our complex world. Over time they build a unified picture of the universe.

The Elementary lessons and materials are multi-sensory, dramatic, and impressionistic, serving to inspire the imagination and curiosity of the children. Children demonstrate their interests and
understanding through a myriad of ways.

Children spend their elementary years in the same class, building community with one another and deepening relationships with teachers.